Satire Article 2

16 Oct

Man in Midlife Crisis Kicked Out of Chucky Cheese


Police arrest 40 year old man going crazy in a Chucky Cheese.

October 13, San Diego CA- Yesterday a 48 year old man man trying to restore his youth went to, and was eventually kicked out of Chucky Cheese. At first the employees at Chucky Cheese allowed the man to play and enjoy his time there. Then things started going wrong. First he peed in the ball pit, and then he was caught trying to steal prizes from behind the counter. The staff was starting to get frustrated but did not call the police until the man reportedly beat up 3 small boys after they confronted him for cutting them in the ski ball line.

When the cops arrived the man frantically scrambled into the tube structure. Several police went into the tubes after him but were unable to remove him by hand. They were forced to gas the man out of the tubes. The police were then able to attain the man.

 He is currently sitting in county jail waiting for his trial date in late November. He pleaded not guilty in court and asked to be tried as a minor. Although we are not allowed to get a statement out of the suspect, we did receive some news from his attorney Dr. Lock who said; “At this point my client and I are not exactly sure on how we plan to proceed in this case, but I can tell you that we will not settle for anything other than my client being tried as a minor.”



Satire: Making fun of what people will do in an attempt to feel younger.


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